eSports betting DatBet is no more!


A decade ago and the idea that competitive gaming would be a growing industry sounded crazy! The idea that eSports betting would be an industry growing in parallel seemed absolutely absurd!

And yet, here we are. At the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century competitive video game tournaments draw huge crowds around the world (not just in South Korea) and gaming companies that have traditionally only operated in sports and casino, like Betway, are now significant sponsors in the eSports community.

But before Betway, someone had to take the risk of introducing eSports betting to the online gaming community. And that someone was taking a terribly big risk. We’re not 100% sure, but we’re pretty sure the first specialist eSports gambling website was this one right here: DatBet.

The reason it is hard to know for sure that DatBet is the first is eSports betting was not exactly a defined thing five years ago. Yes, it existed, but established gaming companies did not take part. That left the important pioneering work to be done by the margins of the industry. And if anyone was sitting on the margins of the international gaming industry, it was certainly DatBet.

If you’re wondering why we are slagging DatBet off on DatBet’s own website then let us explain. This website is a resurrection of DatBet, and over time we hope to reconstruct the (admittedly sketchy) look and feel of the pioneering eSports website. Sure, it won’t be the next Google, but it’s a site we think is worth preserving.

So no, we can’t do anything about the money you think DatBet still owes you. Sorry.

And there are people out there who do think that DatBet cheated them. Take a look at this classic Reddit thread (now locked) that explains some of DatBet’s reputational problems in detail.

But if you do have a story to tell about problems with DatBet, put them in the comments below. We’d be happy to help people get things off their chest (within reason).


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